ISO Based Quality Management Systems

Qualastat has partnered with Plexus Corporation, an international organization recognized as a leader in training. Recognized as the automotive industry’s leader in training, the Plexus methods and materials you will utilize with your Qualastat consultant are proven for success. Qualastat is an authorized Plexus Service Provider and your Qualastat consultant is a Master Trainer for Plexus. By combining the proven Plexus model and materials and Qualastat unique approach to consulting, you are assured that your organizations quality management system will be cutting edge.

Qualastat offer many training courses to complement the following standards:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120


Additionally, Qualastat provides consulting services for the following standards:

ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO/IEC 17025


Qualastat can provide customized compliance programs for your organization.  Using the basic tenets of ISO 9001, we will assist you in creating a management system that will ensure that you meet your legal and other requirements.  With a proven record working with the FDA, FAA, USP and other local and federal regulatory agencies, Qualastat will help you find the proper methods to comply and let you rest easy.

Additional services available from Qualastat include:

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